4 Legged Wedding Guests 101


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Considering having your pooch at your big day? Will Rover be a part of the ceremony? Walk down the aisle? Party all night long? Here are some things to consider before you say I do to bringing your doggie to your wedding!

My Friends Joe & Greg said I do at the picturesque Barley Sheaf B&B, http://www.barleysheaf.com. They wanted Rover to be part of their big day but Joe told us, ” We decided to have Rover at the ceremony and cocktail hour only and I think that worked out well.  More than that may have been too much. “




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Things To Consider:

  • First and Foremost , does your venue allow pets? Typically B&B’s, Farm Type Venues and Outdoor Estates will say ok to your four legged friend being on the property. Hotels, Catering Halls and Ballrooms are definitely less pet friendly.
  • If your venue is on board, consider how easy it will be to keep your pooch contained, out of trouble and have easy access to grassy areas for potty breaks.
  • Even though this is your big day, you have to take your guests into consideration. Does anyone have a severe pet allergy or aversion to dogs? This can be a deal breaker for some people.
  • Since you and your significant other will be a bit busy, do you have   a designated doggie sitter to take the reins? You’ll need someone to make sure your best bud gets food, water and taken to the facilities.
  • You know our dog… are they an over excitable not so well trained pup? A veteran family member that knows how to chill? Having a dog jumping all over you and your guests, barking and attacking the buffet may not be appropriate for this setting.
  • If your still not giving up on including your fur-baby… Consider these options. Have someone at the ceremony to oversee the dogs care and promptly following your I do’s return them to the room. It’s helpful if you’re staying on the property where the wedding is taking place. If the venue is a no – go consider doing your engagement shoot with your pet to relieve the added stress of having them at the actual wedding.
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