Gift Giving For Engagement Parties


I love shopping for gifts! It’s one of my favorite things to do. If you’re like me, you tend to stray from the registry and opt for a more personal gift that you put a lot of thought into. One of the most important principles of gift giving ( according to me )  is to buy something that is a splurge, something that is really an unnecessary expenditure but you know they will love. Something frivolous they wouldn’t buy themselves.  In most cases, we tend to stick with what we need and what is sensible, certainly not the yellow butter dish, vintage apron or vibrantly colored mixing bowls! There will be plenty of people who will give a sensible gift or a gift card, but that person won’t ever be me! So if you love the idea of giving the gift of quirky, unnecessary gift that will surely bring joy to the giftee then take a look at my steps to creating the perfect Engagement Party Gifts!

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How well do you know the couple you are buying a gift for? If they are close friends or family then you should know all about their hobbies and what they like to do. If not, I suggest scouring their Instagram & Facebook feeds to find all you need to know. In this case the couples posts reflected a love of gardening, growing vegetables and such as well as prepping and cooking food together. It also seems they have an unhealthy obsessions with Disney World but for this gift giving session I went with the Kitchen / Cooking theme.

Start with a theme and color story. The theme can be anything … If your couple loves shoes, how about a matching pair? The beach? How about a beach bums survival kit? Are they doing  bathroom renno? One trip to HomeGoods and you can score a hamper full of cute and quirky bathroom supplies and decor.  Once you have your theme, set a budget and get ready to shop!  For me it’s off to Home Goods where I know I will score everything I need to create a rustic country kitchen cooking basket, .

Who doesn’t love a mystery basket full of stuff! I love creating gift baskets or crates or rustic wooden trays of goodies in this case. Start with your vessel, then  hunt for  a variety of items. Be sure to include hard and soft, large and small and accessories. I also always like to add in a candle for good measure.








Now that you’ve got all of your goodies it’s time to put it all together! This is often the hardest part. I prefer to take all of the tags off of the items so it does’t ruin the visual appeal but I  always place them along with the gift receipt tucked neatly out of sight.


Start by placing larger items in first. Use paper to stuff containers so you can stack product yet still make sure everything is visible.  Place taller Items in the back and make sure you have some accessories to place inside of some of the containers. In this case a dozen wooden utensils look super cute placed in the yellow ceramic canister.








Now that you’ve got all of your hard items placed it’s time to fill in your soft items and accessories. I like to fold, roll and tuck aprons, linens, napkins, dish towels etc to achieve a more interesting look and add some visual interest to the arrangement.








So now that you’ve got all of your items placed it’s time for the trimmings! I always have some faux flowers, twine, ribbon and such laying about for just this purpose. I love these sweet little burlap flowers I picked up from because the have convenient clips already attached which makes it super easy to add them to anything.  Use your supplies to pretty up your packages and off to the party you go!







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