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We all know that Hydrangeas, Garden Roses, Peonies  & Ranunculus are leading the pack when it comes to the top picks for bridal blooms but this year some unexpectedly unique flowers are making a name for themselves! With brides embracing the woodland and boho vibe, the standard go to flowers just won’t do! Couples are looking for character, texture and whimsical blooms to make an impact on their big day. Take a look at my list of the most unexpectedly popular wedding flowers this year!


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Anemone – this bloom comes in white, purple & hot pink. It’s delicate oversized petals and dramatic black center make it a focal flower.










Dusty Miller – This dusty green foliage is oh so romantic, soft and fuzzy to the touch. It’s ethereal quality makes it this seasons go to greenery.









Chocolate Cosmos – This is one of those little blooms that looks great tucked into a bouquet or arrangement in bunches. Brides love it for it’s unique color and wildflower like quality.







Jasmine –  When it comes to training greens this beauty is is a must! It’s naturally vine like appearance is perfect for bouquets and tall arrangements.  But perfection like this doesn’t come cheap, just one bunch of this beauty will cost you a pretty penny! 







Poppies –  The bold colors and yellow centers of these bright and cheery blooms are show stoppers! Their large delicate petals  give them a whimsical feel and their sturdy stems allow them to pop out of the top of arrangements and command attention!








Berry Privet – Privet comes in both green and purple. It has the lush look of green foliage with tiny little pearl like berries that at the perfect touch of nature and add a powerful punch of texture. The draping quality is perfect for organic style bouquets.







King Protea – This oversized tropical bloom is making a big impact in bridal bouquets. It is taking the place as the focal bloom over dahlias and peonies in those ever popular horizontal bouquets. The great thing about Protea is that they are pricey per stem but you don’t have to invest if full bunches like garden roses and dahlias.









Uhle Fern  – A personal favorite, the Uhle Fern is oh so unique and looks great in bunches of 3 peeking out of bouquets and arrangements. It add that unexpected wow factor.






Chocolate LaceFlower – Also known as Queen Anne’s Lace, this just plucked from the garden bloom comes is white and chocolate. It is the perfect flower to add an ethereal quality to an organic bouquet or romantic style bouquet.







Scabiosa Pods  – These little ball like blooms add a powerful punch of texture and wow to any floral. Their unique shape and style make them a go to flower especially when you are a looking for a bit of a masculine touch.









Thistle –  Thistle is a favorite for adding texture and character to bouquets and arrangements. It’s rich blue color is rare in the floral world so that makes it even more special.  Oh and it’s super affordable!








Tweedia – This garden like bloom comes in white and blue/lavendar and has the quality of blooming greenery. It’s perfect to add whimsy and an ethereal quality to your florals. But beware, this beauty is not cheap!







Scabiosa Flower – This electric lavender bloom is the truly breathtaking! It;s unique color and delicate shape make it the perfect standout accent flower for boho bouquets and wildflower style arrangements.

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